HQ TRUST Defense Platoon 

Trieste-Barcola / Miramare (from about May 47 until about 26 Oct 54).

Hqs. TRUST Defense Platoon.  The Defense Platoon was formed immediately upon ratification of the peace treaty, in September 1947.  The mission of the Defense Platoon was to guard  the commanding general and his staff at Miramare Castle, in Trieste, which became the Headquarters of the TRUST (Trieste United States Troops) Command.  The first enlisted men assigned to the Defense Platoon were transferred from the 88th MP Platoon.  At full strength the unit consisted of 29 enlisted men and one officer.  Men assigned to the Defense Platoon were “hand  picked”  by the provost marshal, and in 1947 they  rotated their assignments with men from the 281st MP Co, billeted in downtown Trieste.  Not only were they highly competent soldiers and Military Policemen but their appearance and military demeanor were of the highest caliber.  The Defense Platoon was deactivated in October 1954