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88th Infantry Division MP Platoon Trieste, Italy

 Gorizia, Italy, APO 88, (Up to 15 Sep 47).   Trieste, Italy, APO 88. (from 1 May 47 until redesignation  as the  281st MP Co, APO 209, sometime in Oct or Nov 47).


88th Infantry Division Military Police Platoon (88th MP Plt).  This information is NOT the history of the 88th MP Plt, but a recounting of the events that took place when WWII, was over in the European, which took place at 1400 hours on May 2, 1945.  The Division CP was relocated from Cividale to Gorizia.  British troops entered Trieste on May 2 and 3 and forced surrender of the remaining German forces.  Tito, of Yugoslavia, had set up a provisional  government  in Trieste.  He was  warned  by Field Marshal Alexander that control of the area would be decided by a Peace Conference.  Ultimately,  the Morgan line was set up and the disputed area was divided into Zone A, administered  by the Allied Military Government (AMG) and Zone B was governed by Yugoslavia.  The Venezia Giulia Civil Police and  the 88th MP Plt maintained civil order and public security in Gorizia , while troops from the 349th Inf., Regt. performed MP duties in Trieste.   Upon reassignment of the 349th Inf. Regt. to Austria,  men from K Co., 3rd Bn.,  351stst Inf. Regt. performed MP duties in Trieste and Zone A.   In May of 1947 men and equipment assigned to the 88th MP Plt. were relocated from Gorizia  to Trieste, as a result of the ratification of the peace agreement, and  sometime in October or November1947, the unit was redesignated as the 281st Military Police Company, and assumed all military police duties.  CPT. William A. Walsworth was the commanding officer.